Product Creation

Once your PayPro Global account has been successfully set up, the next step needed to start developing your online business and start growing your revenue is to add your products and services to your online portfolio and start selling globally.

Our product creation process has been designed and constantly optimized to offer an intuitive and efficient experience. Throughout its multiple stages:

  • Product setup
  • Pricing configuration
  • Prices definition
  • Deliveries
  • Checkout page
  • Purchase Link
  • Notifications

The Product Creation process covers all the major aspects of a new product or service added to your portfolio. We also constantly add and improve the various options, settings and configurations available to our vendors, making sure that our e-commerce solution provides them with the competitive edge needed to stay ahead.

Whether you are selling a 1-time-purchase product, a subscription based product or service, which you provide through download, physical delivery or cloud-based access, the PayPro Global product creation process offers all the option and setup combinations you need for your specific product or service. Adjust everything, from free trials associated with your product, currencies used, payment methods supported, price variations based on customer location, discounts, cross-selling and up-selling campaigns, delivery methods, customer support options and up to your checkout page setup. Customize your product or service to meet your sales and marketing strategies and campaigns.

Ready to begin? Let’s start with the fundamentals – Product Setup.

Step 1 – Product Setup