Product Creation


Step 5 – Checkout: customize your customers’ checkout experience

In this section you will define the payment methods available to your customers for your product and optimize your settings for specific countries or regions, if you are running a special campaign based on geographical criteria. Please note that by default all payment methods are enabled for your customers.

apply payment methods

Tip: Enabling specific payment methods for certain countries or regions can significantly improve your campaign’s success whenever your payment settings meet the requirements & preferences of local customers.

During this last step you may assign a specific purchase confirmation template for the product you are currently setting up. This confirmation email will be sent to your customers whenever they purchase this product. Simply choose one of the options available in the the dropdown list. If you have not yet created any custom email templates you can do so in the “Email templates” section of the PayPro Global control panel.

You can also select your preferred checkout page layout from the wide variety of page templates available by default in your PayPro Global account or choose to customize your own template. For each checkout page template available in your account (including the default templates provided by our system, as well as custom templates designed by you), we automatically generate a mobile version. In order to activate this mobile-friendly version please visit the Store settings – Mobile templates section. You will also be asked to upload a mobile logo, with specific dimensions.

Final Step – Purchase link