Product Creation


Step 3 – Prices

In this step you will manually set your product’s pricing, define your subscription plan or establish a multiple pricing matrix, in the currency or your choice.

Depending on whether you previously selected the “Standard ” or “Multiple options ” Pricing scheme, you will be presented with a simple pricing option or a pricing matrix according to the “Option groups ” created on the previous step. Simply add, one by one, the prices you wish to update.

If you activated the “Regional pricing ” feature in the previous step (Pricing configuration), you will now have multiple pricing scheme tables. In this case, the first pricing scheme table is where you set prices for the base currency, while all the other tables are defined according to each country or region you previously selected in the “Regional pricing ” section.

Charging type: select between One time fee (product payment is made only once, covering the entire cost of the product) and Subscription plan (product payment is distributed among several recurring payments, at a value and frequency defined by you).


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Step 4 – Deliveries