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Final Step – Purchase link: how to use the purchase link generator

During any step of the product setup process you can access the purchase link button and instantly be redirected to the “Purchase link generator ” tool.

Within the “Added checkout page products ” table you can see all the products that will be included in the order page you are about to generate or test. By default, this table is prepopulated with the product you were creating in “Product setup ”. You may add more products that are already created in the system by scrolling down to the table “Available products to add ” and clicking add button next to the appropriate product.

There is also a set of parameters which can be predefined for the order page you are generating.

These parameters will be presented to the buyer accessing your generated purchase link and they are as follows:

  • Quantity of product items
  • Page template
  • Language
  • Currency
  • Country
  • Payment method

You can select “Test mode ” to generate a test link with all parameters applied. This is very helpful if you want to visually check how a certain customer will see the product during the checkout process.

example 1

Generating a purchase link with predefined parameters like country and currency means that automatic geolocation by customer’s IP address will no longer work on the order page. Instead, the buyer will be presented with the country and the currency that were predefined by you in “Purchase link generator ”.

For example, if you selected Australia and Euro, when using a generated purchase link, a buyer from Czech Republic will be presented with a checkout page where Australia and Euro have already been selected as country/ currency. The same applies to the rest of the parameters.

More details about “Purchase link generator ” can be found in the corresponding section of Knowledge Base.

Tip: Reviewing your test page is highly advisable, as this is a final opportunity to verify that everything on the checkout page is according to your expectations, before generating the final, live purchase link.