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Advanced Reporting System

The Reporting capabilities offered by the PayPro Global e-commerce solution go beyond the basic indicators, providing you with all the business data you need for well informed, always up-to-date decisions. Whether you need a simple snapshot of your status (as displayed on your Control Panel’s dashboard), a quick overview regarding your latest sales (using the information shown in the Orders & Customers section) or a complete, detailed panorama of the multiple aspects of your online business (based on the multiple, ample & fully customizable reports stored in the Reports section), the information is always available to you in just the right quantity and structure for your needs. For additional flexibility & relevance, reports within your PayPro Global account can be exported (as .xls or .csv files) and scheduled for periodical e-mail delivery to members of your team, according to the rules you define.

The Orders and Customers sections present a searchable view of all past and ongoing transactions.

orders customers graph

This is where you can see all aspects of each online sale registered for each customer, with complete detail – from the payment type to the country of origin. The extensive list of filters available to you here ensures the highest level of relevancy and the degree of information accuracy required to generate the exact information you need.

Over 70 detailed reports are stored in the Reports section of the Control Panel. covering the performance and overall statistics of business areas such as: Orders, Products, Sales, Subscriptions, Page actions, Conversion rate and costs, Payments, Retention, Finance, A/B testing, Demographics. Each of them can help you outline your business success, efficiency, customers satisfaction & interaction, as well as highlight specific areas of improvement or risks impacting your operations.

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