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How PayPro Global Integrates into your Business

With our e-commerce solution you have complete data & statistics for your site activity indicators (such as new visits, bounce rate, etc) and a list of your recent activities and tasks. PayPro Global’s e-commerce solution provides you with a complete business application tool to efficiently manage your products, sales, promotions, campaigns, product trials, subscriptions and many more.

Your account’s dashboard is a rich graphic display of your sales’ evolution and the actions occurring on your site as a result of your sales & marketing strategies. All of your business activity can be integrated using the built-in calendar application, checking the reports for your website stats and your “brand popularity” as a new metric, and responding to incoming communication from your customers or partners. A unified dashboard provides you with all the data & tools you need to completely and efficiently manage your entire online business.

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The extensive online marketing testing tools available in your PayPro Global account use artificial intelligence-based metrics to analyze every promotion and campaign you run so you always have a report of past actions to refer to when planning your next move.

Advanced Reporting System