Sold products

Each report within this section allows you to get a clear view on the details most relevant to you with regards to your products catalogue.

Whether you want to see how your products are performing in specific areas and adjust your sales strategy accordingly (using the Product sales by country or Product sales by currency), evaluate the most popular payment methods among your customers, create new campaigns for your affiliate network (using the insights given to you by the Product sales by affiliate agreement report) or understand your product’s lifecycle or seasonality and forecast your revenue streams (by interpreting the data displayed by the Product sales yearly/ monthly/ daily reports), this section holds all the critical information you need to keep a high level of control over your sales strategy.


These insights will also allow you to plan your next strategies – product development, promotional campaigns, customer loyalty – and clearly correlate your sales effectiveness with your financial results. Use the numerous filters available to you to get the exact information you need.

Save these reports locally to use them in meetings, team strategy discussions or as supporting materials for your team members in the Financial and Accounting departments.