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Choosing the right eCommerce solution for your needs

So, you’ve reached that point. Choosing the right eCommerce solution for your needs. Hmm, tough, given the many options on the market. Luckily, we are here to put you on the path to success. As we have been part of the market for some time now, we take pride in knowing what our customers needs. And we are ready to share the secrets.The truth is that you want to cash in, effortless and fast, without causing any damage to your customers. To accomplish this goal you would require the services of a functional, effective eCommerce solution, preferably one that does more than what it promises. But how do we choose that solution? You do need to consider a few aspects and judge your options on them. Here we go.

# Defense against Fraud

It sounds a bit like Harry Potter’s new class, but it is as real as it gets. Fraud is a huge deal in the online world. Potential fraud is what keeps people from buying.

They are too concerned about this possibility and for good reason. Fraud is a reality, but so are the existing methods to keep it as far from your business as possible, used by trustworthy payment providers. It is crucial to collaborate with a provider that takes care of fraud in an effective manner.
Unfortunately, while you cannot isolate fraud completely, you still need to do your best. Look for certified payment providers that comply with all security requirements, offering customers a high level of fraud detection. For instance, you should be aware of the fact that a provider that has been PSI-CSS certified is one that respects and implements recognized standards for security policies. In other words, they are good to go.

# The nature of your products

This an essential aspect in your search, maybe for some developers, bigger than security. The nature of your product could easily refine your search. Imagine having a filter list and when asked to select the type of products you are selling and by this, we do not necessarily mean software versus eBooks, although that is a point to consider, as well. We mean the industry. Are you part of the IT world or a creator of online games?

There are payment providers who can only support in terms of functionality, certain industries. So, do your own research regarding this aspect and continue analyzing the remaining list of options considering the features found here.

# Currencies and payment methods

You’re interested in growing, right? You want to sell worldwide, maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, but there will come a time when you feel like the world isn’t big enough for your product.

The need to expand, to grow in terms of customers and ultimately profit is natural for all developers.

So, even though it may not be a pressing need, you want to make sure that you have the means to do it, eventually. This means that you want a payment provider ready to sustain your growth. Multiple currencies and diverse local payment methods are a must. Make sure you are working with a partner that can provide you with diversity.

# Recurring payments – a big deal

The world is buzzing on and on about the popularity of subscriptions. The idea of recurring payments is a huge deal for developers, as this is the direction the world is heading. But are all payment providers aware of this fact? Because you might have the surprise to stumble upon a payment provider that is not ready to handle this type of pricing model. Also, handling promotions such as cross-sales or upsells would certainly be a big plus. You might find that in terms of customer retention, promotions are a quite a big deal, definitely a strategy worth putting in practice.

# Support – Great to have friends nearby

Support is important in all fields, not just in the e-Commerce world. It would be foolish to think that only SaaS developers need a helping hand from time to time. Still, since this is the area that interests us, it’s only natural to mention it. So, as usual, support is crucial. With an e-Commerce solution, you are given a lot of tools you can make use of to grow your business. Support comes very much in handy when having to set up these tools or when faced with an issue you cannot handle on your own.

Anything that could affect your business should be properly handled by your partner’s support team. And here’s another relevant aspect regarding support. It’s not just about you. It’s also about your own customers as well. If you are collaborating with a trustworthy company that is ready to interact with your shoppers and offers them relevant information regarding your payments, you can maintain strong and healthy relationships, which in time will improve your retention rate, lower your churn rate and increase conversion. Solid support services can really turn things around. Significantly.