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Protecting the customers’ information

Data protection is a topic PayPro Global takes very seriously. We respect the industry’s highest security standards, creating a safe environment for all our customers. Discover how PayPro Global is safeguarding your personal data.

Tackling SaaS Churn

SaaS companies are often confronted with churn problem after the start-up phase. Yet, surprisingly there is no widely accepted way to
calculate churn. Ignoring this problem can be painful for a company…

Conversion Optimization Strategy

According to IAB’s Internet Advertising revenue report 2012, full year results, internet advertising totaled $36.57 billion, up 15% from the $31.74 billion reported in 2011…

Best Practices in Chargeback Risk Management for Software Companies

Every software company is confronted with chargeback threats on a daily basis. Yet little is known about the true causes of chargebacks and the procedures involved in this process…

Lead Nurturing Strategy

Software vendors spend significant amounts of time and resources to attract prospects only to see them slip through the cracks of the conversion funnel…

EasyCommerce Case Study: ManiacTools

The case study reveals the most efficient prospect engagement strategy resulting up to 18% lift in revenue through e-mail follow-ups describing a step-by-step instruction of setting up email follow-ups…

EasyCommerce Case Study: CoolUtils

PayPro Global is willingly demonstrating a success story of a prosperous client, CoolUtils, and reveals a smart solution for managing numerous product settings in a time saving manner through dynamic pricing…

EasyCommerce Case Study: Smarttweak Software

PayPro Global is gladly sharing a success story of our prosperous client, Smarttweak Software, who is using an innovative cross-selling strategy originally created by PayPro Global EasyCommerce solutions, called Pop-up Cross-sell…