How is Your Payment Provider Stalling Your SaaS Growth? [Free eBook]

You are doing everything right. You’ve developed a strong SaaS product, going against market challenges and solving a problem faced by your target audience. Your sales team is applying the correct marketing tactics, using powerful growth tools, and you’ve even nailed your pricing strategy, which is a considerable achievement.

But, somehow, for whatever reason, you aren’t seeing the expected results. You aren’t gaining many new customers, your SaaS revenue isn’t going through the roof, and the business isn’t enjoying rapid growth. So, what’s happening? What’s keeping your SaaS business from growing the way it should?



It’s no longer enough what you do, but who you do it with.

The answer may surprise you, as it has many other SaaS leaders. But there is no other valid explanation. This is that ONE thing that’s keeping your SaaS success at a standstill.

The problem is your PAYMENT PARTNER.

A payment provider has the power to supercharge your SaaS business or sink your sales. In this case, you may be working with a payment provider stalling SaaS growth.

What’s Inside It?

Developed by our dedicated payments specialists, this PayPro Global guide brings forward curated knowledge and actionable insights surrounding the complex world of payment providers. Your business objective is not to survive but to succeed. And to do that, for you to become one of the most successful SaaS companies out there, you need to put together a global expansion strategy.

Allow your new customers to pay in their currencies when looking to use your services. Implement solutions to help you manage taxes and invoices. Turn chance buyers into regular users. Whatever you want to achieve, you need, or better yet, deserve, a partner that can push you forward.

Stay on the learning curve and download your free eBook copy to understand how you can choose the right solution for your SaaS apps without losing revenue and customer satisfaction in the process. Let this eBook teach you:

  • The true cost of going global & that ONE detail that can fast-track your expansion.
  • What your payment partner options are and what sets them apart.
  • How to choose the right partner to supercharge your SaaS applications’ global growth.



Remember Why You Need to Read This eBook

Expected to reach $720 billion by 2028, the global SaaS industry is the place to be right now. You deserve your share of this market, and the only way you can get it is by working with the right payment partner equipped with a robust platform that helps you achieve your company’s true potential instead of weighing you down.

Three eCommerce Facts You Need To Be Aware Of


Did you know that 55% of clients will not make purchases from websites that offer service or product info and support in languages other than their own or that do not offer the option to pay in any foreign currency? That would explain why SaaS providers that don’t give customers localized checkout experiences are faced with an abandonment rate of 67% and have low growth rates.

And that’s not all. Providing potential users with an extensive portfolio of payment methods, anything from debit cards to e-wallets, will weigh significantly in their eyes when investing in your services or products.

A payment provider capable of offering a localized approach to your service monetization will positively impact you, allowing you to close this gap and helping you increase your sales significantly. Your software must be marketed right, and you deserve to enjoy the advantages of a global expansion.


When going global, you are exposing your business to different regulations that need to be respected. The challenges are great, and so is the work. Because each market compliance framework is unique, the task of abiding by these rules will most certainly seem overwhelming in your employees’ eyes. The non-compliance alternative isn’t much of a choice but a real risk for all software companies, not just your own. Delaying or denying to perform this work will ultimately yield significant penalties, crippling your SaaS company. So, the discussions aren’t around the benefits gained but the mandatory nature of this task.

The price of non-compliance in the SaaS industry is almost three times higher than the cost of compliance. With $4 million in revenue loss in a single non-compliance episode, many organizations looking to expand globally are constantly looking for ways to streamline the process and ensure full compliance for software companies. The simplest solution rests in finding the right partner to assist your business in these efforts.


The taxation rules & regulations regarding software applications and saas usage have changed dramatically in the last few years, making managing this issue an absolute nightmare for SaaS businesses on the verge of international expansion. Covering the global and domestic taxation processes is a significant burden on the shoulders of your company. Imagine a SaaS provider wielding distinct tax laws, different thresholds management, and reporting calendars on their own. The knowledge, technology, and responsibility accounting teams and employees will need to handle are almost disarming.

Additionally, the fines that come with the erroneous management of taxes could easily hinder your growth.

Not to mention that if you lack an in-house team capable of handling these operations, you will be required to invest in capable software and proper training. Remember, not paying global taxes is not an option, so, yes, it can significantly influence your success chances.

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Being part of the SaaS & software market for almost two decades, we have gained the knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide companies on their way to success and take the guesswork out of their growth.

Rely on our customer acquisition and retention insights and avoid making costly mistakes. Streamline your SaaS business’ road to revenue growth with PayPro Global’s team of dedicated experts & specialists.

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