99 SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies [Free eBook]

We’ve all heard of legendary disruptive growth hackers transforming small SaaS start-ups into unicorns. But are they fiction or reality? Are there strategies capable of stellar growth more than traditional marketing approaches? Will these get you closer to a potential customer? How about your competitors’ customers?

Yes, they are as real as they can be, no question about it. And their simple existence has pushed the entire SaaS industry, through its marketers, developers, and even product managers, to try the power of experimentation to ensure sustainable growth. SaaS growth hacks rest on the courage to test all available new tools, techniques, and tactics. We are talking about taking traditional marketing, even influencer marketing, and giving them new meanings so they can, in return, drive exponential growth.



Forget about the strategies that have worked in the past for different SaaS brands because there are no guarantees they will yield the same results in the future. Keep your focus on what lies ahead, create your successful growth hacking strategy and make a habit of updating it so your SaaS company’s success never finds itself at a standstill.

What’s Inside It?

Let our comprehensive guide help you find your growth hacker mindset by unfolding the vital elements from our tried and tested strategies, ready to scale your SaaS company.

Download your free copy of the 99 SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies eBook and discover how to:

  • Grow your conversion and customer retention rate, as well as your social presence and number of website visitors.
  • Improve your SaaS business growth strategy on search engines and pricing page techniques.
  • Perfect your onboarding process, customer acquisition, retention & email marketing tactics for your SaaS brand.



There are always traps on the way to stardom.

On your way to turning your SaaS start-up into a multi-billion-dollar business, you are bound to meet less effective strategies that may cost you more to implement without ever providing you with the opportunity to recover your investment. Yes, these may hide behind the name industry trends within the SaaS space, but that doesn’t signify that they have the power to drive fast-track your product’s success.

We’re here to help.

Everyone knows that the goal is to gain paying customers. So, how long can you afford to play the free trial card? At one point or another, you will have to use those social media platforms or put together a referral program to see the monthly recurring revenue go up. One should never underestimate the power of referral marketing for a SaaS brand.

Making it in this crowded, competitive, and fast-moving market means being selective about the strategies you put to use. You don’t want to waste your time or resources investing in digital marketing techniques with no ROI. You need accurate, tested SaaS growth strategies delivered by real experts that fit within your marketing budget.

To help you achieve your growth goals, we have created this comprehensive guide packed with actionable, cost-effective, and, most importantly, unique SaaS growth hacking ideas.

In our struggle to bring highly informative content, we looked towards trustworthy sources, from recognized industry experts to successful SaaS companies, as well as our knowledge and experience gained from working within the market for nearly two decades.


The 4 Stages of SaaS Growth

Divided into four stages, our SaaS expansion strategies will allow you to assemble a working process focused on increasing the number of leads and boosting your MRR significantly while unlocking substantial growth opportunities. We will be discussing everything and anything. A growth hack strategy has everything from free trials and building strong landing pages to improving search rankings.

STAGE 1: Attract Visitors

This is the starting point of all growth endeavors. SaaS businesses need to build an audience to market their products effectively. The freemium model will function somewhat, but you cannot rely entirely on it. There is more you can do when looking to gain new customers.

Discover a range of ideas from content marketing and google analytics strategies to gaining valuable insights about the competitor research process and building powerful web pages packed with social proof, all meant to help captivate new visitors and drive targeted traffic to your website. Even a well-constructed PR strategy has the potential to increase the number of sales.

STAGE 2: Turn Visitors into Leads

In Stage 2 of our eBook, you will learn tips you can use to turn those newly found visitors into potential leads. And here’s a secret. It’s all got to do with customer experience. Google ads might take you so far, and so will your Facebook page, but after that, you must come out guns blazing.

Employing multiple artificial intelligence-powered methods, you can engage with visitors.

Furthermore, you can build their trust in your SaaS products through localized currencies, payment methods, and checkout experiences, which should be part of your growth strategy.

STAGE 3: Turn Leads into Sales

Now that you have set the stage for your SaaS product, raising awareness and interest, it is time to go to phase 3, turning potential leads into sales.

From Micro Conversions as indicators for a lead’s potential to purchase to psychological conversion tactics, such as the Serial Positioning Effect and Decoy price points, our eBook will explore new SaaS solutions allowing you to acquire customers rapidly.

STAGE 4: Improve User Retention

With 55% of SaaS entrepreneurs agreeing that customer retention is the most important metric, it is only natural to boost your knowledge on this topic. So, look toward your existing customers and explore the benefits of email marketing.

In phase 4, we are looking at the benefits of re-engagement and behavior-based emails in retaining customers and using a proactive customer outreach policy to increase revenue. It’s always important to keep your SaaS brand in the spotlight.


This is Why You Should Read This Book

Whether you are a SaaS start-up looking to make a name for itself or a business already enjoying the popularity of its customers, this eBook has something new to share with you.

Learn how you can improve the results you’ve already obtained. Or how you could optimize the strategies you may be using.

Our tested SaaS growth hacking strategies can bring impressive results, meaning significantly more potential customers while blending perfectly with your other marketing efforts.

Because of its 4-stage structure, our eBook holds crucial information for businesses found in different growth stages. Whether you are still offering new customers a free version of your product or you have advanced skills when it comes to building a highly-converting landing page, SaaS growth hacking strategies can always surprise you. That is why its target audience cannot be limited to a distinct category of readers.

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