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How to reduce churn

Leaving churn completely unattended, and investing your entire budget on acquiring customers is a mistake so many entrepreneurs make, unfortunately.

How to price your SaaS

This guide is not going to tell you the exact price of the product, but merely the aspects to keep in mind when creating that price.

How to retain customers

In the past, every resource available would go to acquisitions, as once you had gained your users, there was no changing their minds. Now, it’s all about keeping them hooked on your product, it’s all about retention.

How to improve your customer service

Customer service is much like a science of its own. And it brings important benefits in numerous areas. It’s no wonder that there’s such a huge fuss regarding the various techniques and strategies meant to improve this segment.

How to improve your conversion rate

To give you a spoiler of what optimization actually means and why you need to take things methodically and organized instead of being chaotic and all over the place, know that the process takes time. It’s about testing, collecting data and interpreting it.

How to increase the LTV of your subscribers

In this day and age, we are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that customers are happy with our services and that they have decided to continue walking by our side. Even so, even if you receive the OK, you should not relax.

How to Avoid Chargebacks

While you cannot avoid chargebacks completely, as it is the nature of all eCommerce businesses, you can, however, avoid having your business affected by them. Lowering the chargeback rate is a gain in itself.

How to Switch to Subscriptions Successfully

We’ve said it, we’ve written about it, we take care of it. The subscription business is the future and you need to become part of that future as quickly as possible.

How to Maximize your recurring revenue

In the following How-To guide, we’ll talk a bit about the ways through which your subscription business can increase its earnings or better said, can charge a fair amount of money, based on the value it brings to its subscribers.