Connecting with your customers. The right way.

Customer Corner

Do you know your customers: a quick guide to creating buyer personas

The customer matters. Our customer is our king. If the buyer wants it, we need to hand it over. In theory, it all sounds incredibly simple, but in reality, you discover that it’s not a snap your fingers kind of thing.

Personalizing experiences, for the sake of our customers

So, why the big fuss around customer experiences? Why are they so important? Yes, we do know that they are important, but why can’t the product matter? It is that important the way in which a show makes you feel as opposed to the manner in which it is created?

Planning a content marketing strategy

Content is content. It speaks about everything you could think of and more. B2B content, on the other hand, is still looking for a good outfit.

The On-Page SEO kit any entrepreneur needs to have

SEO, the golden tool of the new generation. Some say that SEO is dead, others on the contrary. It’s like the Elvis Presley dispute all over again. Only it’s not. SEO is alive and it’s going to stay that way

Quick Guide to Mobile Marketing

Most likely, you have a favorite device. You carry that device with you at all times. You check everything on it, even get some tasks done, including a bit of reading. This device and your infatuation with it is something you have in common with the rest of the world. What is that device?

A/B Testing Complete GUIDE

A/B testing is the kind of practice that everyone has heard of, few have actually tried it, in the proper manner

The Must-Read Guide to Improved Landing Pages

B2B customers are not just credit card handlers that can buy products on a whim and rethink their decision later. B2B customers are a package of decision factors that have to consider goals and deadlines and results, all at the same time.

Treasure hunting: Blogging, the right way

Blogging and B2B are perfect together, as long as the music is right. The only problem is that marketers don’t exactly know how to use blogging properly, so they quickly conclude that it simply doesn’t work.

Checkout Pages and Product Pages: Two sides of the same story

Maybe two of the most important elements a B2B website owns. It’s your chance to introduce your business properly to your clients and to seal the deal in a professional manner. Discover what are the Must-Have elements on your product & checkout pages.

Email Marketing Go-To Guide

Email marketing is the kind of practice you know everyone is doing, but somehow rumors about its disappearance keep on flying around the room. So, sometimes it all feels a bit confusing.